Our Products

Our products are developed and built with "People First" in mind to produce highly intuitive solution without the needs for any user guide.

We listened and worked closely with our stakeholders in particular our store partners to create problem solving mobile apps that would leverage their competitiveness and ease of use among their consumer.


Geraiku Consumer App

Our consumer product is an intuitive mobile app that allows 3 steps for purchase of any household needs, starting with water, gas and groceries.


Geraiku Store App

Our store app product helps retail store in managing their day-to-day operation that include; stock keeping, order management, transaction report as well as cash flow management


Purpose and People Driven Initiative

We built Geraiku to leverage traditional stores to be more competitive by elevating their presence among modern counterparts through our mobile products. Our "Purpose and People first" approach meant that Geraiku is all about collaborative efforts with our retail store partners to improve their businesses and to serve our neighborhood consumers.

  • Merliana
    I used to having difficulty in separating money between store and family needs. Now I can manage it all using Geraiku, thank you
    Store Owners
  • H. Irianto
    This is a world class app, all features are so simple to use and very helpful
    H. Irianto
    Store Owners