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Partnership with Geraiku

Be part of Geraiku Ecosystem partners to strategically enhance and extend Geraiku marketing offerings and capabilities in Building customized commerce solutions among underserved traditional neighborhood stores.

3 Key Benefits

Partnering with Geraiku

  • Hendra G.
    More cool features please, drone delivery?
    Hendra G.
    Pemilik Gerai
  • Wildan Y.
    Cool app really helpful and useful. I don't have to print brochures to promote my store now, the stock taking feature also helps to remind me to restock...
    Wildan Y.
    Kebab Mr. Twister
  • Merliana
    I used to having difficulty in separating money between store and family needs. Now I can manage it all using Geraiku, thank you
    Store Owners
  • H. Irianto
    This is a world class app, all features are so simple to use and very helpful
    H. Irianto
    Store Owners