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Position: Manager of System Engineering

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Manager of System Engineering

As Development Manager within Development of Front End & Back End (API) Application by ensuring implementation design and framework that is used within company meet the requirement and practice standard as well as ensure R&D stream to run as per expected

What You'd Do
  1. Work closely with Senior Engineer as well as Program Manager and Product Owner to ensure the developed work product meet the requirements within required timeline and quality
  2. Ensure written Unit Test that cover positive and negative test case to meet QA standard
  3. As Navigator for Pair Programming and Code Reviewer when required for Junior and Intermediate Engineer
  4. As 1st level Mentor for Junior and Intermediate Engineer in the area of Engineering Culture and Software Development Practice
  5. Closely monitor Root Cause Analysis and Bug or Issue resolution process
  6. Build learning plan for team member to match with the strategy defined by Technology Council and propose it to VP of Engineering
  7. Demonstrate leadership capability and high awareness on task prioritization and risk
  8. Directly Report to VP of Engineering
Qualifications To Match


  1. 5+ yrs working experience in Software Development space
  2. 2+ yrs working experience as Technical Lead or Senior Developer
  3. 1+ Project Experience as Technical Lead or Developer on Medium Scale Project (with 5-8 team members)
  4. Experience in project which implement Agile Scrum or Kanban methodologies
  5. Familiar with TDD
  6. Not afraid of cats and dogs


  1. 2+ yrs working experience as VP of Engineering or DevOps or QA, lead  +15 team member
  2. 1+ yrs project experience as Architect, Technical Lead, Developer on High Complexity Project
  3. 1+ yrs working experience in FinTech Company
Awesome Skills


  1. 1+ High Proficiency in PHP with following framework : Yii, CI, Laravel, Phalcon, Zend
  2. 1+ High Proficiency in Programming Language : Java, GoLang, Scala, Python, Elixir
  3. High Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Design
  4. 1+ High Proficiency in Database Programming : MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, Cassandra
  5. 1+ High Proficiency in Message Queue : Active MQ, Jboss MQ, RabbitMQ,
  6. 1+ Proficiency in Source Code Management : Git, SVN, Perforce
  7. 1+ Proficiency App / Web Server : Nginx, Apache, Jetty, Apache Tomcat
  8. 1+ Proficiency in Build Automation : Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Graddle
  9. 1+ Micro Service Design Pattern and Development
  10. 1+ Proficiency in Front End Application Framework : ReactJS, Angular JS, Kotlin, Flutter


Advantage :

  1. 1+ Proficiency in Implementating System in Cloud Technology : AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc
  2. 1+ Proficiency Container Orchestration : Kubernetes, Mesosphere


  1. Bachelor Degree (S1) on Information   Technology, Informatics Engineering, Computer Science, and System Information



  1. Master Degree on the above subject
  2. Professional Certificate in one of the Tech Stack