Geraiku Consumer App -

Geraiku Consumer App

Use Geraiku for all of your household needs delivered to your door. Compare prices, find your nearest stores, hassle free and pay with cash or other methods. By purchasing through Geraiku, you are also helping local business to grow.

3 Key Benefits

Why Buy from Geraiku?

Geraiku Consumer App



Intuitive Design

Simple click to add your shopping, select from water, gas or groceries. Only 3 simple steps to shop


Detailed Transaction

Get detailed transaction of your purchases. Pay with cash or other means. Have your ordered acknowledged within 10 minutes.


Track Order & Delivery

Track your order and delivery, give ratings to your favorite neighborhood store. Engage more with our in-app messaging.

  • Khalif Surotomo is very helpful especially for its store application, it just makes my job easier
    Khalif Surotomo
    Business Owner
  • Eko Winarso
    Good application. Can't wait to see how this "neighborhood retail application" grows exponentially and contributes to Indonesian SMB economy.
    Eko Winarso
    Business Owner
  • Imran Rasyidi
    This application is really helpful for my business
    Imran Rasyidi
    Store Owner
  • Hendra G.
    More cool features please, drone delivery?
    Hendra G.
    Business Owner
  • Wildan Y.
    Cool app really helpful and useful. I don't have to print brochures to promote my store now, the stock taking feature also helps to remind me to restock...
    Wildan Y.
    Business Owner
  • Merliana
    I used to having difficulty in separating money between store and family needs. Now I can manage it all using Geraiku, thank you
    Store Owners
  • H. Irianto
    This is a world class app, all features are so simple to use and very helpful
    H. Irianto
    Store Owners