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Geraiku represents Hope of anyone wanting to create and deliver the best products and services that are economically viable and socially responsible.

Geraiku Core Goal

Our mission is to simplify the life process of getting and owning retail products and services by eliminating as pain points for retailers, producers and consumers along the distribution chain.

Winning Advantages

What is Geraiku?

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  • Hendra G.
    More cool features please, drone delivery?
    Hendra G.
    Pemilik Gerai
  • Wildan Y.
    Cool app really helpful and useful. I don't have to print brochures to promote my store now, the stock taking feature also helps to remind me to restock...
    Wildan Y.
    Kebab Mr. Twister
  • Khalif Surotomo
    Very helpful and useful app, thank you Geraiku
    Khalif Surotomo
  • Jejen Zaenal Mutaqin
    Awesome, the marketing feature make promoting my store easier
    Jejen Zaenal Mutaqin
    Store owner in Malang
  • Rima Ris
    Loving it more as days go by, more stores please and more offers too :-)
    Rima Ris
  • Dewi Hayati
    Good banget. Helps stalls and stores to move forward ...
    Dewi Hayati
  • Joko Sriyono
    Extremely useful, easy to use and I can really use it
    Joko Sriyono
  • Eko Winarso
    Good application. Can't wait to see how this neighborhood retail application grows exponentially and contributes to Indonesian SMB economy.
    Eko Winarso
  • Merliana
    I used to having difficulty in separating money between store and family needs. Now I can manage it all using Geraiku, thank you
    Store Owners
  • Nurul
    I have tried the app and it's so easy and extremely useful
  • H. Irianto
    This is a world class app, all features are so simple to use and very helpful
    H. Irianto
    Store Owners

Sari Husada Retailer Program

Dapatkan kesempatan emas untuk mendapatkan paket usaha dari Sari Husada bersama susu formula SGM, Nutrilon dan Bebelac. Hanya untuk Mitra Geraiku. Segera daftarkan toko Anda sebelum 15 Agustus 2018
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